The Vintage Machinery Rally Waroona


April 14th

~ 2024 ~

This year we are supporting the All Australian Car Day. Come along from 9am - 2pm and check out the huge display of cars where we will have our vintage machinery on display as well. For all machinery bookings please contact Lisa Fry on 0415 954993.

Stall Holders

Food Stallholder Form

General Stallholder Form


Site Fee:Tick:Rec #
General Goods:
Food Stalls: refer Form 1$90
Please state items you are offering for sale

PLEASE NOTE: All stallholders MUST have current Public Liability Insurance (Certificate of Currency to be produced with application) of not less than $10,000,000 in order to participate in the Vintage Machinery Rally .

The Vintage Machinery Rally is outdoors; therefore your own marquee is essential; SANDBAGS or WATER CONTAINERS ONLY to be used: NO SPIKES are permitted.

Please Indicate If You Require Sandbags

It is a requirement of the Shire of Waroona, that all tents & marquees larger than 3x3 MUST be approved by the Event organisers. Subletting or sharing of bays is prohibited unless authorised by the Event Committee.

Please Note: You must supply your own power, please contact the organisers should this be an issue.

Ness Della Franca
Waroona Lions Club
PO Box 110WAROONA WA 6215


Cheques to be made out to:
Lions Club of Waroona

Direct Entry:

Account Name: Waroona Lions Vintage Machinery

Rally A/C BSB No: 086-956

Account No: 863395415

Reference: PLEASE ENSURE: Your name/organisation AND refer to Vintage Machinery Rally is included on transfer slip.

Mail completed forms and cheques to:

Ness Della Franca
Waroona Lions Club
PO Box 110

As the trader/ stallholder / I agree to sign the Application Form, Contract Conditions and Event Rules & Regulations that are attached. Please also sign each page of the attached conditions where indicated and return with this application form.

Guidelines and Conditions of Entry

Exhibitors are asked to observe the following guidelines for the 2024 Event.

1. Completing a 2024 Vintage Machinery Rally Waroona Site Application form does not guarantee your presence at the event. All applications will receive a decision within 4 weeks of submitting their form.

2. The exhibitor will comply in all respects with all requirements of all Government, Local Authority and Statutory Bodies during the Event.

3. Fees are payable at the time of application. Refunds relating to the cancellation of any sites will be at the discretion of the Vintage Machinery Show Committee.

4. Site allocations will be determined by the Vintage Machinery Show committee taking into account appropriate groupings of exhibitors and power requirements. The allocation of sites by the Vintage Machinery Day committee will be final and at its absolute discretion.

5. Food Van Operators will be responsible for providing their own van and all requirements necessary for operation including power unless otherwise negotiated with the Vintage Machinery Show committee.

6. Food stall applicants will be required to meet the Food & Health Requirements for Temporary Food premises, comply with Health Regulations and complete a Notification/Registration Form for the Shire of Waroona. The normal fee has been waived by the Shire of Waroona for this event.

7. Food Stall operators, other than Food Vans must provide their own shelter and power unless an alternative is negotiated with the Vintage Machinery Day committee.

8. Marquees: The Vintage Machinery Day Event is outdoors; therefore your own marquee is essential, with NO SPIKES to be permitted SANDBAGS or WATER CONTAINERS ONLY to be used.

9. This is an alcohol free event; there is to be NO CONSUMPTION OF ALCOHOL on the grounds.

10. Exhibitors’ signage and promotional material should be of a professional standard and displayed and distributed only within their allotted site.

11. All stallholders must be set up by 9.00am and remain on the grounds until 4.00pm. All vehicles not integral to the exhibit must be removed from the grounds by no later than 9:30am on the morning of the event.

13. It is the responsibility of each stallholder to ensure they hold the appropriate insurances to cover themselves, their staff and their goods on the day and under no circumstances will the Vintage Machinery Show committee be held liable for any harm, loss or damage suffered. Vintage Machinery Show committee specifically disclaims any responsibility for any harm, loss or damage that may occur to exhibitors’ goods, staff or displays. (please attach certificate of currency)

14. The Stallholder shall not let or part with the possession of the site space allotted or any part thereof to any other person or body except with the written permission of the Vintage Machinery Show committee. The exhibitor must not assist any third party to solicit business at the event from the exhibitor’s site except with the written permission of the Vintage Machinery Show committee.

15. Any damage caused by the Stallholder to the site or elsewhere shall be made good by and at the expense of the Stallholder.

16. Goods on display must comply with the appropriate Australian Standard for which category they are Manufactured.

The Vintage Machinery Show committee may terminate the Stallholder’s participation forthwith where the exhibitor breaches the terms and conditions of this agreement and may require the exhibitor to remove its products and services immediately.

All decisions made by the Vintage Machinery Show committee will be final and binding.